Tim & Shannon's Surprise Engagement at Saint Mary's - South Bend, IN

June 21, 2023 Indiana Engagement


Just a week and a half ago now, I had the opportunity and privilege to help bring together & document a surprise proposal - I can’t stop beaming.

Tim recently learned he would be deploying and just couldn’t leave without showing Shannon how deeply committed he was to her and to their partnership. He flew in that afternoon with a single duffel bag, already dressed for the occasion with a ring in his pocket and immediately met me from the airport at the location we so carefully selected - it was ✨magical✨.

It means the absolute world to me that you trust me to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments. That you allow me to witness and tell the story of your most loving moments - from the tears & excitement all the way to the gentle forehead kisses & tight hugs. Congratulations, Tim & Shannon 🍾