Taylor here!

My mother is the only person on the planet to have called me Taylor Raye, exclusively, but do as you please. I surely don’t mind. If you’ve already found your way here, we’re probably about to become best friends, anyway!

If there is one lesson that has stuck with me in my twenty-something years, it’s that life is short. For this reason, I try to remain mindful of my journey and present in every moment. I fill my days with friends, knowledge and new experiences. I’m all about energy and my friends say my own brings them great comfort. When they rave about me feeling like the “human embodiment of sunshine,” well, no other compliment quite compares. My friends are my chosen family. There is no one quite like them.

Just like there is no other love story quite like the one-of-a-kind love stories that I so adore capturing. Whether it be our own self-love, the love and connection between partners or between a parent and their new baby - it is my honor and greatest joy to be able to share in that experience, those feelings and celebrate such milestones with each and every one of the people whose lives cross paths with my own.

The midwest will forever be home for me. No matter how far I branch out, my roots remain here, comforted by seasons. While currently located in South Bend, IN, I long for any excuse to explore more of the surrounding areas or adventure to my home state of Michigan. Few things are as grounding as being able to point to a spot on my hand and say, “this is where I’m from.” I get to carry home with me, everywhere I go, just as I carry your stories.

So, hi, I’m your new blunt and honest mom friend who's going to make sure you look good and feel your best and most confident at every turn.

“We know that from time to time, there arise among human beings, people who seem to exude love as naturally as the sun gives out heat.”



“... Taylor was like meeting with an old friend who had a camera. She asked all the right questions to get to know us and because of that she knew exactly how to get the best pictures... I would 100,000,000,00% recommend Taylor as your photographer! And I can't wait to work with her again!!

Taylor - you are a gem in this world. Your love for what you do shows in your personality and your work. Don't ever let anyone snuff out your light!! Mad love to you girl.”