The New Gallery Wall - Photography Studio in Goshen, Indiana

March 18, 2024 Indiana Photographer, Photography Studio


I’ve been holding this one in for a while now and it’s been so hard keeping it to myself! After a fresh coat of paint, weeks of traveling around town & taking trips into the mitten to explore antique shops as well as meticulously scouring small businesses on Etsy and framing those pieces myself - she’s finally ready for the world to see!

My sweet baby studio is nearly a year old, I just celebrated three years since jumping out of a metaphorical plane to take this lil biz of mine full-time (though we’re at about a decade in the making now) and it’s a new year - it was time for an evolution!

With the new gallery wall, you’ll see more texture, more nods to nature and even more neutral and earth tones (olive greens + terracotta-like oranges)! I was inspired, not only by the nature around us, but also some vintage and southwest vibes. Peep the new rug 👀 

The centralized moth print was a huge inspiration and jumping off point on this wall. Once I spotted that piece on Etsy, I knew it was time to dive in deeper and get this project on the road. It was soon after that that I found the raven print and for that one, I had such a specific vision in mind. I knew I wanted just one piece that was far larger than the rest and I wanted it to bring in an element of negative space, while still leaning into and establishing the darker, moodier feel I was envisioning. A raven was perfect, even serendipitous. A raven is the icon I designed for this small business of mine and it's the tattoo that covers much of my right arm (his wings extend and end where my camera begins). If you've seen me irl, you've probably also witnessed this deep blue corvus that flies on my forearm. Ravens are commonly said to symbolize wisdom, intelligence and transformation and in Norse mythology, they're believed to bridge the gap between the human world and the divine. It was just a couple of years ago, many years after having already developed this love and admiration for these sleek black creatures that shine blue in the light of the sun that I took one of those popular DNA tests and learned I am majorly Nordic as well (42% Norway, 6% Sweden & Denmark, 4% Finland) - so you see what I mean? It's all so serendipitous!

Anywho, enough of my rambling for now.

I also want to take a moment in this particular post to thank my client turned dear sweet friend, Ains (@mother.moon.manis on instagram). Not only did they join me on one of my spontaneous adventures into Michigan for new pieces to hang on the wall, but when I woke up one Friday morning and decided that was the day I was gonna take everything old down and put everything new up, they showed up and dived right into curating the new layout alongside me (as a Virgo, this was absolutely the most daunting part to me - cuz it had to be just right). I’m so grateful for your friendship + support, love 🫶🏼

With that said, I can’t fucking wait to see all of your new faces in this space & I couldn’t be more excited to finally share this vision with you!!

P.S. You can scroll to the last photo below to witness the cozy + heartwarming view from one of my studio windows late into sunset (a.k.a. blue hour) ✨

Though many of these items were thifted or antiqued, some can be purchased online at the links below:

Raven print by ClassicoArts on Etsy

Moth prints by ZanetaAntosik on Etsy

Picasso print by DigiMoonWay on Etsy

Jaida Rug by Jaipur Living (though I stumbled upon mine at my local HomeGoods store for a huge discount)

A few of the local shops I frequented for materials also included:

House Wins in downtown South Bend, IN

House to Home in Fort Wayne, IN

The Depot in Goshen, IN