Emma & Lauren's Kalamazoo Engagement - Shades of Lavender Farm

February 23, 2023 Michigan Engagement

Golden Hour amongst the Michigan Lavender

I’ll never forget meeting Emma & Lauren for the first time at one of my favorite Michigan breweries. Upon hopping onto the slippery wooden barstools, Emma placed a completely glittered journal on the table. A couple pizzas ordered and we got to dive into it together. 

You see, Emma and Lauren had taken a Colorado trip where each of them planned one half of their stay. Emma went first and this journal added that extra element of surprise. Y’all, she made her own scratch offs inside! It was covered in Polaroids and keepsakes from their week up in the mountains. Not to mention documentation from two proposals. Yep, they each planned to propose during their half of the vacation and now here they are - beautifully engaged & just one year away from what I know will be the most ICONIC wedding ever!

It’s always the dream, hope and intention that clients will turn into friends and that’s exactly what Emma & Lauren have become <3