May 31, 2022

Black & White Candid Moments

Indiana Wedding

It's all about the in-between moments.

It’s the in-between moments. It’s the photos in your grandfathers wallet moments. It’s the way he looked at you, the way you both laughed, everyone you love in the same place all at once moments. 

It’s the moments you may have missed, the ones I hope pleasantly surprise you when you receive your final gallery. These photos that make you pause and go, “oh my goodness.”

One of the privileges of bringing along a second shooter for your wedding day is that when the main photographer runs off with the couple to snap portraits at sunset or cut the cake, the second photographer is around to capture those moments you’re not presently with your guest for. Now, photographing my own weddings, it’s these moments you’ll see me running in circles to capture and the #1 reason why I would recommend bringing along a second shooter for your wedding day! 

I second shot this wedding for Jacquelyn Taylor Photography last year and these black and white images stick with me like a memory.

The moments in-between are often the ones we hold nearest and dearest to our hearts.